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1st class: DSLR fundamental (200$)
- Kinds of camera
- DSLR construction
- Lens and angle view
- Exposure triangle
 + ISO
 + Aperture (Aperture value and opening aperture)
 + Shutter speed, curtains and X-sync
- Focusing
- Metering & exposure compensation
- Lighting :
 + Direction of light
 + Color of light (White balance)
 + Quality of light
- Lighting ratio
- Basic arrangement

2nd class:
Advanced DSLR and Strobist (250$)
- What is strobist?
- Lighting (advanced)
- Comparisons between flash gun (speedlights) and studio strobes
- Strobist equipments
- On-camera flash V.S Off-camera flash
 + E-TTL & guide number
 + HSS (High speed sync) & ND filter
 + Rear curtain sync
- Strobist in the morning and high noon
- Strobist in the sunset

3rd class: Portrait lighting in studio (250$)
- Comparisons about monolights and head-powerpack systems
- Studio equipments
- Quality of light (advanced) & light modifiers and how to use them
- Direction of light in studio
- The relationships between camera angle and lighting sourse
- Low key & High key
- Practice setting-up one or more lighting sourses in the studio

4th class:  Photoshop retouching   (200$)
- Using Camera Raw
- What is color and how does it work ?
- Tools in photoshop
- Blending modes and adjustment layers
- Colors and tones
- Remove winkles, softening and sharpening skin by slickforce technique, by dodge & burn technique and by plug-in
- Details retouching
- A-Z workflow
Bonus : Using Adobe Indesign to do the album layout

After these classes, you will know how to:
 - Taking photos in anytime, anywhere and any weather
 - Choosing the right equipments for yourself
 - Working with light and doing perfect lighting
 - Working with model and controlling the photoshoot
 - Retouching photos in professional way
 - Working with color and prints
 - Building your portfolio